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love all the new tunes you've been playing! I'm happy to see my social life will be picking up this summer. Jimmy, you did a great job updating the web page!
3/27/2012 3:05:16 PM

Webmaster comments  Thanks Martha! Look forward to seeing you at the London Club. Hope you can make it!

Vicky Pavelt
Love the upgrade looks awesome.
2/28/2012 10:05:16 AM

Kevin Kelly
Nice upgrade on the website!
2/21/2012 - Algonquin

Does this mean you're playing at the naked peoples' party this summer?
2/15/2012 - Trying to maintain sanity in an insane world

nazi Bob  |  
If ya think you got this ol boy by the hammer honey........ OOOOHHHHHHHHHH you aint even close. good show at the London club. good to see all. NB
2/4/2012 - near Abbs

Rick  |  
Good to see you guys are playing again. Maybe we will see some summer festival shows (Hoffman Estates maybe) show up on the schedule soon...
1/19/2012 - Hoffman Estates

Rick  |  
Good to see you guys are back. Hopefully there will be some summer festivals (Hoffman Estates maybe)...
1/16/2012 - Hoffman Estates

Nice to hear you are back together. Your schedule is rather sparse. When are you going to fill it in?
11/16/2011 - Dollywood


Jude  |    |  
Glad to see you guys back together again.